If you are looking to find a sense of peace and purpose join our community.

My Next 20 Years offers an all-female social media group on facebook where we can find likeminded friends with similar goals as us - making our lives better by navigating through these upcoming decades well. It's easy enough - say hello:

The community is a place to go if you want to learn and share with others. The Facebook live events are there for chatting, learning tips and tricks on how drive your future in the direction that you desire, or listen to guest speakers from different walks of life. Getting involved will help uncover your purpose as well as excitement about what lies ahead!

The time is right! There's no better way to reconnect with your inner self than by becoming a part of the My Next 20 Years Community. Share inspirational quotes, find mentors and best friends in this tight-knit community that will keep you on track for life goals. Join us now:

Living Life On Your Terms

About Us

Meet Janice and Tanya

It was a wild ride for us, running our business on opposite ends of the world. Though we shared in many successes together over decades, it came to an end when we were burnt out from doing things that no longer motivated us.

Before we knew it, we were at a lost as to how exactly our lives should proceed next. We put in months of contemplation and still found ourselves feeling unhappy with our lifestyle. It was at this point that we realized there was more to life than just climbing corporate ladders or making money - as human beings, we have an endless thirst for more than just material possessions. This is what led us to make some major life changes!

Once we decided upon a plan that worked best for us, and started sharing our story with others, we discovered that many women felt the same way, and this revelation gave birth to My Next 20 years.

Our dream is to build an online community of women from around the world who want more from their lives, they want to connect with others, help and learn from others and live their next 20 years on their terms.

It's important that every day counts when you're alive so why not make today count? This group will offer a space for like-minded individuals who are looking for fresh starts or new perspectives on their daily routines while remaining grounded in reality at all times even if others may disagree about what constitutes "reality." Come join us; let’s create some magical memories together!

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