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Good relationships, rather than money or status, are the key to happiness and good health. When you feel good about yourself and the people who surround you, you can achieve things that you never dreamed possible. So, regardless of your financial situation, upbringing or current situation, you can take control of your life RIGHT NOW...

Welcome Your Gold Membership

With the right resources and support group, you can achieve anything that you set your mind to, be it, finding a new partner, losing weight, reducing stress, forming new friendships, you can achieve this when you embark on 'Next 20 Years Gold Membership Program'

You can take control of your life without spending $1,000's on personal coaches or counseling sessions. 

So join Tanya and Janice, we will be simply delighted to meet you and help you to craft

'My Next 20 Years'.

Tanya Harris and Janice Whiting  Founders

Powerful & Affordable, Here Is What You Get
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Monthly Self Discovery


Learn at your own pace,  apply what you have discovered to your life and see how quickly your view on the world has changed. 


Join Our Facebook


Become part of a support group, ask questions from experts, and share your thoughts and experiences with fellow members, whilst making friends with women around the world.



Mediations and Interviews

Listen to calming meditations that fast track change and interviews from experts in mental, physical and emotional wellbeing who share tips and tricks to live a healthier life. 

Don't Spend $5,000 or even $500 

For Just $147.00 One-Off Payment or

$27.00 Per Month You Can Gain Access to education, meditations, interviews, and the support group, with content regularly updated ...



Receive weekly quotes, affirmations and video instructions to live a happy and healthier life. Share experiences with your Facebook family to continuously learn.





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