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My Next 20 Years is a personal development community and online course that helps women become happier. We provide tools, resources, support & accountability to help you experience more joy in your life. Join our free 7-day Happiness Challenge!

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What you get is a better version of yourself. You'll be more confident, successful, and happy. We cover the physical, mental & emotional aspects of self-development to help you live your best life. We have guided meditations for relaxation, affirmations for motivation, and journaling exercises to increase your happiness levels through positive thinking.

The time is right to make a change. Join the My Next 20 Years Boot Camp Journey, at MN20Y you will get support from professional mentors who can help you achieve your goals.

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If you are looking to improve your self-esteem, inner confidence and find a sense of peace with yourself then we can help.

My Next 20 Years 


  • What Does It Look Like?

  • Who Will You Be?

  • Who is With You?

  • And Most Importantly, Are You Happy?


Wherever life has taken you, there is a chance to claim it.


May it be divorce, discovering life as an empty nester, or navigating loss after the passing of a loved one, choose today.


  • Choose Today to be guided to a life that is not dictated by others’ opinions or expectations of you.

  • Chose Today to have the energy and confidence to take control of your time and space

  • Choose Today to craft the next 20 years on your terms

  • Choose Today to Join an Online Community of Like-Minded Women

  • Choose Today to Add More Love, Dedication, Spiritual Growth in Your Life

  • Choose Today to Put Yourself First


My Next 20 Years

An Online Community of Digital Learning Through

Health Education

Mindful Meditations

Relationship Guidance

Mind Expansion Teachings

Educational on Physical, Mental, and Emotional Well Being


We have the drive, and experience to accelerate your health.


eLearning or Boot Camps | What Next?

Affordable Education | Gold Membership


Here's What You'll Get


You're a woman. You want to be successful, confident, and happy in this world with the other women like you out there. But where do you start?


The affordable online portal for all your needs is here!


Check out our video education on how to become more advanced; learn tips and tricks from experts & professionals so that every aspect of life can improve as well, from work-life balance, relationships, or relaxing skills! Indulge yourself by taking some self-paced courses about various topics such as spirituality or even diet and nutrition. Plus get ready because what awaits after signing up are many friends around the world who also have similar goals just like yours... you'll support them and they will support you, so jump on board and expand your community of like-minded females. Click here.

Or Join Our | Exclusive Bootcamp


Apply to join this exclusive Bootcamp Click here, limited number as groups are intimate, make friends with people around the world, join this exclusive group of like-minded females who are ready to change their lives.

Your Bootcamp Programme:

Stage 1 - MYNDFUL Self


Shift out of the funk and press the reset button.


  • What was important to you in the past may not be important now

  • Move away from pleasing others and clarify your values and your integrity

  • based on what is truly important to you


Stage 2 - MYND Games


Our Meditation Coaching will help you to shift everything about your thoughts, your attitudes and adding an extra pep in your step.

  • Change Gears. It’s time to unplug and get present

  • Learn to get focused yet remain detached from the outcome

  • Watch your life harmonize in synchronicity as things all around you begin to simply click


Stage 3 – The MYNDS Eye


Nourish, replenish and develop a way to continue relationship coaching with yourself


  • Embrace the wrinkles, war scars, folds, and fat

  • Look at what you have lived through!

  • Learn the NEW YOU

  • Diet + nutrition counseling to fuel your body

  • Reclaim your sexuality and mojo


Stage 4 – MYND Design


Let’s set in stone the one thing that is going to make the biggest difference in your life 20 years for now. Let’s get it tattooed on your spirit.  And let us live every day according to that permanent proclamation.


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